Thursday, December 24, 2015

Corporate Translation Services Still Matter in a World of Machines

If you've been on the Web for any length of time, you've probably seen at least one example demonstrating the unintentional silliness that results when a translation goes wrong. The mistakes people make when they're trying to translate something into a language with which they are not familiar seems to be a popular source of amusement. On humor websites, one can find several badly translated and unintentionally hilarious signs from all around the world. Such mistakes clearly demonstrate that there is no real substitute for corporate translations done by professional translators. Of course, not all translation errors are quite so funny. A mismatch between what the intent of the message may be and what the targeted audience understands can cause needless confusion and delay – two things you don't want when time is short and clear communication is critical.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Fault with Many of the Technical Translations Produced by Computers

A universal translation machine, or a device that can instantly translate languages into other languages, remains something that’s only possible in the realm of science fiction books and films. However, that does not mean that humans are giving up hope for a machine solution. Apps for online translations have been introduced to provide instant translations, but they are still only rudimentary and they lack the quality and sophistication of human translations. How These Translation Apps Work These apps make use of a lexical database, which contain basic grammar and linguistic rules, as well as many words from dictionaries. When translating a particular passage, these apps analyze the syntax, or its grammatical structure, along with its morphology and its semantics.