Thursday, May 19, 2016

For the Best Translation Companies, Pick Those That Are ISO certified

Medical translation is something that you should never entrust to an unqualified translation agency. In the interest of safety and efficiency, professional translation companies should always be used in the life sciences industry. The professional medical translators that work at top translation firms have the proper medical background and linguistic certifications required for fast, effective and accurate translations. Companies in the medical field such as pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers need special services in translating the literature and labeling that come with their products. Any incorrect translation in the medical field can potentially have serious consequences, possibly even putting a patient’s life at risk. An average translation job just won’t do in the medical field.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In Search of Language Translation Services: Looking Beyond the Obvious

You probably know the basics of choosing the right translation service provider for your business. Naturally, you’ll want an experienced, dependable, and reputable language service provider, one that has a keen understanding of their clients’ needs and target markets. But did you know that there are certain underlying considerations as well, some that are not quite that obvious? Take a look at some of those that you may not have even thought of: Speed How fast can the translation provider fulfill your order? Learn about their turnaround times. Can they handle rush jobs? If you need the translation of technical documentation done quickly, you may need to look for translation companies who can perform their work beyond normal business hours. Perhaps even a language service provider with offices in different time zones. Or a translation company with enough linguists to allocate your project to multiple translators at the same time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Medical Translation – Improving Quality of Healthcare the World Over

Medical translations are a necessary process that takes place in two primary ways throughout the medical industry. Medical translation is a critical function that is highly regulated while medical interpretation is performed for a very different purpose. Let us take a moment to examine the difference. Medical Translation vs. Medical Interpretation Translation and interpretation are two terms that are often mistaken with each other. Even though they are closely related linguistic disciplines, the difference between the two lies mainly in the setting: a translator works on written medical content, while an interpreter translates oral/spoken interactions between two people speaking different languages. Both translating and interpreting require a deep knowledge of more than one language, but the same people rarely perform both tasks. That is because each requires different skills, training and proficiency at a professional level.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Four Top Qualities to Look for in a Technical Translations Provider

You’re planning to expand your market overseas. You’ve done the study, and you’ve identified one, two, or even more countries where you have the potential to make a huge profit. Unfortunately, English isn’t the primary language in these markets, which means you have to find a suitable technical translations service provider so you can start marketing your business at these locations. But how do you find the right translation provider to partner with? Here are the qualities to look for: Has a keen understanding of your goals and market First, figure out the goals of your translation project. The translator’s ability to align their services with your goals is going to be a key consideration in your decision. For instance, do you simply want your website translated, or do you need to have some sales paraphernalia and other materials translated as well? How many markets do you plan to invest in?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Considerations to Make When Choosing From Among Translation Companies

When looking for translation services, it’s important to select the right company that will effectively convey the message of your product or service in all the languages that you will need. However, before you decide on a language service provider, you’ll need to take note of some considerations so you can give a better set of instructions and guidelines to these prospective translation companies. The Topic The first consideration is to locate a translation company that specializes in the subject matter of the materials you will need to have translated. They should be knowledgeable about the topic, and utilize trained and experienced linguists in that specific field. For example, if you are going to have a manual about medical technology translated, you cannot risk having a translator provide the technical translations who is not familiar with the subject or who does not have a working knowledge of medical terminology.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Role of Good Language Translation Services for Technical Products

No matter what your motivations may be for having your product materials translated, what’s most important is that you are able to deliver your message loud and clear. Having something lost in translation is always a risk that companies take when entering a foreign market. That’s why language translation services play a huge part in building your business. Technical Specifications A professional translator becomes all the more important when you have a technical product that will require clear instructions for its accompanying manual. You cannot assume that just because you are able to directly translate words and sentences, you are able to preserve the essence and context of your original message. You will want to be very particular about the faithfulness of the translated message. This is especially important in order to eliminate the risk of having poorly translated instructions that could cause major issues not only for the product, but also for the user.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Break Down the Wall with Clear, Concise Language Translation Services

It is often accepted that English is the language for business. Indeed, it could be difficult for international corporations to operate effectively if there was no common language everyone could understand. While English remains the dominant language in business, recent studies have shown that other languages are growing exponentially on the internet. Case in point: the combined languages of Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Malaysian, French, and German make up 82 percent of the content found online. It is very important to understand that while English is widely used, it is still considered a second language for most people. As your business expands into foreign markets, you must consider using accurate language translation services, such as Excel Translations, to help you better communicate online.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Top Translation Companies Can Help You Break Into Foreign Markets

In a borderless world, being able to reach wider markets is of prime importance, especially if you want your company to make it big internationally. One of the most important first steps in reaching out to an international audience is the ability to communicate well in their language. Because of the many different language nuances in the different countries where you will be entering, having the right tools to properly get your message across becomes an urgent requirement. Top translation companies will not only have the tools, they will understand the nuances that will enable a successful translation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Translation Companies: Translating Culturally Specific References

Translating words in their literal sense takes a lot of time and effort, yet translating passages with a specific culture in mind is a different story. Those training to become translators and even experienced translators face the challenge of translating words and phrases that are heavily grounded in one culture, verbal or otherwise. Much has been said about the best workaround methods for this challenge, be it through paraphrasing, using the nearest local equivalent, or coining a new word altogether through a literal translation. Even today, translating cultural-bound words, phrases, and references continue to fascinate and challenge translators and translation companies everywhere.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Medical Translation: a Vital Service for Medical Products Manufacturers

With the nation growing more diverse every year, the need for translation services continues to grow as well, particularly in the medical field. Hospitals and health care providers are now being required to provide foreign language interpreters, since a growing amount of research shows that communication has a direct effect on patient safety. The same holds true for manufacturers of medical products or medical devices. With the complexity of these devices, including robotics and prostheses, manufacturers are in need of multi-language translation services capable of incorporating industry-specific and technically accurate terminology into their documentation, websites, and computer software. Why It Matters Manufacturers selling their products in other countries must have a thorough understanding of the domestic requirements of a particular targeted country.

Excel Translations Announces Expanded Chicago-area Services

In addition to offices and operation centers in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Europe, and South America, Excel Translations is now offering an expanded team of local account management, sales support, and project management for the Chicago-Milwaukee metropolitan market. With more than forty years of combined experience in the life sciences and translation industries, Excel Translations’ Chicago team is your local source for quality ISO-certified medical, technical, and corporate translations. Since 1996, Excel Translations has been one of the top translation companies, serving the globalization needs of businesses and organizations, including many Fortune 1000 companies in both regulated and non-regulated industries in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Top Translation Company, Excel Translations Celebrates 20 Years of Operation

Excel Translations, Inc. is proud to announce that 2016 marks its twentieth year in business. A premier foreign-language-service provider with headquarters in San Francisco, California and offices worldwide, Excel Translations is a woman-owned business specializing in ISO-certified medical, technical, and corporate translations. For twenty years, Excel Translations has been providing quality language translation services to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 1000 companies. Excel Translations offers professional translations of regulatory and legal documentation, medical and technical manuals, marketing collateral, eLearning materials, and labeling, as well as software and website localization services.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Technical Translation Service: Importance of Defining Your Audience

Breaking into a new foreign market is not an easy task especially without acquiring professional technical translation services. Audience demographics and content purpose are important when translating content. Most of the time, companies only concern themselves with their target language – the language into which they are going to have their materials translated. More often than not, this has led to translations failing to grow their business or connect with the intended audience. In addition to deciding what language or languages you will have translated, translation projects also need to tailor the message to the target audience for it to be a complete success. Opt for Tailored Translation It is always a good idea for a company to tailor their translation project by putting themselves in their target market’s shoes. Doing this can greatly influence the final quality of the translation, but it might be easier said than done.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Target the Right Language with the Help of Translation Companies

A recent article from the Guardian states that the United States has the second largest population of Spanish speaking people in the world, second only to Mexico. Spanish is growing in use on the web, as well; both Facebook and Twitter stated that Spanish is the second largest language used globally after English. Companies selling products or services in the US and internationally need to be aware of this evolving trend. Spanish Language is changing the Landscape across America and the Globe The volume of Spanish translated website content in the US is growing rapidly, and in some unexpected places. For example, to better serve their communities, some local government agencies in the US are now publishing all their website content in both Spanish and English. The increased number of Spanish speaking residents within the US is driving this trend. The states of New Mexico, California, and Texas continue to lead the US in Spanish speaking populations.